Look your best on the road. The Nissan CIVILIAN sports a sharp and distinctive profile, while being designed from the ground up for comfort, convenience and safety.

On the Road


Stepping into the Nissan CIVILIAN GL is stepping into convenience. The Nissan CIVILIAN GL facilitates entry/exit with 3-step entry with a high, wide entrance.


Wherever your destination, the durable Nissan CIVILIAN will get you there — time after time. It has the manoeuvrability you need to navigate city streets as well as the power to cruise comfortably on highways and byways. The Nissan CIVILIAN GL is available with either the TB45E Petrol Engine or the ZD30 Diesel Engine.

On-the-road Comfort

Taper-type leaf spring suspension complements the long wheelbase and wide tread for riding comfort and stability.

Rear mudguards

Keep the road where it should be - under the wheels and not on the side of your bus. Mudguards prevent sand, mud, rocks, liquids, and other road spray from being thrown into the air by the rotating tire.

Clear Visibility

The Nissan CIVILIAN GL offers halogen headlamps and fog lamps that increases nighttime and inclement weather visibility.

Back up with confidence

The rear window wiper and rear-mounted outside mirror enhances rear visibility when reversing.

Insulated UV-block glass

The Nissan CIVILIAN's insulated UV-block glass helps improve air conditioning efficiency as well as protecting the passengers from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Get Inside

Comfortably in command

Logically positioned, read-at-a-glance instrumentation is designed to help keep the driver comfortably in command.

Spacious driver’s area

Not only is the driver's area generously proportioned, extra comfort is also available for driver and passengers - Reclining seats.

Keep cool on the move

The Nissan CIVILIAN keeps all its occupants happy with a powerful air conditioning system featuring adjustable ceiling-mounted air vents and floor-mounted heaters.

Power Steering

Power steering comes as a standard feature across all models in the Nissan CIVILIAN range.

Audio System

The Nissan CIVILIAN comes with and impressive audio system that includes MW/FM radio, CD and AUX input with 4 speakers.

Always be on time

The Nissan CIVILIAN comes with a digital clock mounted on the ceiling for maximum visability.

Folding shift lever

The Nissan CIVILIAN comes with a folding shift lever that improves access and convenience.

Sun visors

The Nissan CIVILIAN comes with sun visors for the driver and front passenger.

Extra storage space

The Nissan CIVILIAN comes with a convenient glove box above the audio system.


Nissan designs its vehicles to protect driver and passengers with a shield made up of various safety measures. In the commitment to “Real World Safety”, Nissan pursues innovation as part of its Safety Shield concept. Based on the idea that cars should help protect people; advanced and proactive safety technologies help driver and passengers to avoid danger and injury.

Better braking performance

Improved anti-fade characteristics, long-life brake pads, and better brake pedal response enhance safety and vehicle control. The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) increases vehicle control and safety in hard panic braking.

Safety Window

The Nissan CIVILIAN comes with a safety side window that improves side visibility for the driver.

3- and 2-point seat belts

3-point seat belt for the driver and front passenger, 2-point* for all other passengers.*

*Not including spare seats.


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